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For those who are wondering what is next here at The Revelation Podcast, we at TRP are working on some very exciting and explosive interviews.  Please pray for us as we are going to expose the workings of the kingdom darkness by the power of His Word and by some first hand eyewitness accounts. Please enter your email at the subscribe button on the right hand side of this page, to be notified when these interviews are posted.

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Episode 5 “The Vindication Of God and His Allowance of Evil” Interview with Pastor Doug Riggs Part 4

In this final interview of the four part series with Pastor Douglass Riggs, we discuss the principle of  how God will be ultimately vindicated through His allowance of evil.  We discuss the origins of evil which began with Lucifer’s rebellion against God in heaven before man was created and prior to Genesis 1:2. The theological term for God being vindicated through His sovereign permission of evil  is called “Theodicy”. Doug cites the story of Job as a biblical example of this important biblical theme. We also expose the heretical teaching that says because Job “feared” and had “unbelief” is the cause of his suffering.

We discuss North Korea, it’s occult connections and the atrocities that are occurring within its borders.  Doug also explains how in the Millennial reign of Christ, referenced in Revelation 20 , will be the final historical consummation of the vindication of God defined as Theodicy.

This is excellent discussion in understanding why God allows evil.




Theodicy – The defense of God’s goodness and omnipotence in view of the existence of evil


Paper on the “Theodicy in the Apocalypse” by  Grant R. Osborne


Entitlement – belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges


Vindication – the act of justifying or defending. Being cleared of a charge proven to be false.


North Korea and The Occult Connection Part 1 and Part 2


Gary Haugen Video on Ending Slavery


Doug Interviews Naghmeh Abedini (wife of imprisoned Pastor in Iran Saeed Abedini)


Episode 4 “The Current State of the Church, The Great Falling Away, The Rapture & What’s Ahead.” Interview with Pastor Doug Riggs Part 3

On this episode of The Revelation Podcast, we cover a variety of  topics concerning the Church of Jesus Christ and the current state of the church in the west. We cover The Great Falling Away also known as the Great Apostasy that Paul talks about in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4.  We talked about the Rapture and I asked Doug why  does the adversary seem to cause so much confusion around this topic of Pre, Mid, or Post Tribulation views.

This is an excellent discussion in understanding where we are at this time in history and what lies ahead.

Episode 3 “Understanding Genesis 6, The Nephilim and the Days of Noah” Interview with Pastor Doug Riggs Part 2


On this episode of The Revelation Podcast we are continuing our discussion on Genesis 6 and the Nephilim with Pastor Douglas Riggs. I make a statement that not all of the offspring of fallen angels in this generation will resemble the giants of Noah’s day. Douglas agrees and goes into a thorough explanation of the satanic strategy to create an offspring that looks like you and me, but superior in comparison to a normal human. In order to explain this, Doug refers to a documentary called “The Fabric of Time” which is about the Shroud of Turin. Listen to this section carefully for it may take a few times of hearing it to comprehend it, but in essence Satan’s strategy is to capture or make a blueprint of the new birth experience and infuse or copy that into the DNA of his offspring. This may sound over the top, but this would definitely fall into the modus operandi of Satan. To take that which is good and pure and pervert it for his purposes.


We talk about the role the Vatican will play in the alien disclosure; that they will proclaim that “we are not alone” and they are our friends. Sounds farfetched? Click on the link below entitled “Vatican View on Aliens.” You will see an article by the Director of the Vatican’s Observatory, Fr. Jose Gabriel Funes, (yes the Vatican has an Observatory) and his views on extraterrestrial life.

Lastly we discuss the mark of the beast. Doug explains how this represents a DNA upgrade that would cause a genetic change within the human body, with the promise of becoming superhuman. But those who take this mark will (according to the Book of Revelations) will all be damned because they will no longer be fully human

The Fabric of Time Documentary On Youtube

Vatican View on Aliens

Link to the Vatican Observatory


Trans humanism – the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond it’s current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Trans human – means “more” than human or superhuman.

Bene Elohim – Hebrew for “Sons of God” or Angelic Beings

Hybrid – An organism that is the offspring of two parents that differ in one or more inheritable characteristics.

SRA – Satanic Ritual Abuse

DID – Dissociative Identity Disorder

Trauma Based Mind Control -Origins and Techniques (pdf file)

More info on SRA, DID & Mind Control

Episode 2 “Understanding Genesis 6, The Nephilim, and the Days of Noah” Interview with Pastor Doug Riggs Part 1

On this episode of The Revelation Podcast we are having a discussion with Pastor Doug Riggs covering subject matter that is unique to this generation of believers. Douglas is pastor of Morning Star Testimony Church out of Syracuse, New York and has firsthand knowledge of this phenomenon . He has counseled many SRA/DID abuse survivors who have this history. You’re going to have to enlarge your “God Box” because the information that we will be covering may be hard for some to grasp, that of the subject of the Nephilim (translated into English as “giants” in Genesis 6:1-5, the satanic offspring of fallen angels). This is where fallen angels had sexual relations with the women to produce an offspring which in Hebrew are referred to as “Nephilim”.  Why is this information important?  It is important because Jesus said, “And just as it happened in the Days of Noah, so it shall be also in the days of the Son of Man” (Lk. 17:26).  This breeding program in Genesis 6 occurred in the “days of Noah”, and this is why God responded in such an intense way when He brought in the flood to destroy the inhabitants of the earth, less eight souls.  Beginning with the third century there have been conflicting interpretations concerning this subject matter. One of the main interpretations is the “Sethite” theory, which states that the “sons of God” that had relations with “daughters of men” were not fallen angels, but the godly line of Seth who had relations with daughters of the ungodly line of Cain to produce this offspring. We will address that view in the podcast.  I have included links under the “Resource” tabs that refute that claim.


I pray this podcast will help you connect the dots to the high strangeness that is occurring on our planet and in our skies.  Dig into the Word yourself, know for yourself.  For a deception is on the horizon and now is and unless you know the truth, you could be deceived, “even my elect if possible” -Jesus Christ – Matt 24:24 circa 33AD.

References and Links:

Douglass Riggs Website

Who Were The Nephilim?

The Sethite View Refuted

Episode 1 “The Mystery of Iniquity Part 1”

This is the first episode of the Revelation Podcast. Today’s podcast we will be discussing “The Mystery of Iniquity” and what it is and why it is important that this generation of believers must get understanding of. This is the first of series of podcast dealing with this subject matter. In brief, The Mystery of Iniquity is a term that the Apostle Paul coined in 2 Thessalonians 2 to describe the character and profile of the hidden working of evil in our world. It is the corporation of evil that has physical and spiritual employees that take direct orders from the CEO, Satan himself.  Whose end goal is to build an infrastructure and create an atmosphere conducive for the Anti Christ to reign.  It is organized occult evil that functions in secret.  Also at the end of the podcast is an audio clip of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s speech to the newspaper press where he addresses the dangers of secrecy, secret societies and the ruthless conspiracy  in operation on a global scale.

Reference Links For Episode 1

In depth Teaching on the Removal of the Restrainer by Pastor Doug Riggs

Transcript of JFK speech to the Media   April 27, 1961