Episode 1 “The Mystery of Iniquity Part 1”

This is the first episode of the Revelation Podcast. Today’s podcast we will be discussing “The Mystery of Iniquity” and what it is and why it is important that this generation of believers must get understanding of. This is the first of series of podcast dealing with this subject matter. In brief, The Mystery of Iniquity is a term that the Apostle Paul coined in 2 Thessalonians 2 to describe the character and profile of the hidden working of evil in our world. It is the corporation of evil that has physical and spiritual employees that take direct orders from the CEO, Satan himself.  Whose end goal is to build an infrastructure and create an atmosphere conducive for the Anti Christ to reign.  It is organized occult evil that functions in secret.  Also at the end of the podcast is an audio clip of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s speech to the newspaper press where he addresses the dangers of secrecy, secret societies and the ruthless conspiracy  in operation on a global scale.

Reference Links For Episode 1

In depth Teaching on the Removal of the Restrainer by Pastor Doug Riggs

Transcript of JFK speech to the Media   April 27, 1961