Episode 2 “Understanding Genesis 6, The Nephilim, and the Days of Noah” Interview with Pastor Doug Riggs Part 1

On this episode of The Revelation Podcast we are having a discussion with Pastor Doug Riggs covering subject matter that is unique to this generation of believers. Douglas is pastor of Morning Star Testimony Church out of Syracuse, New York and has firsthand knowledge of this phenomenon . He has counseled many SRA/DID abuse survivors who have this history. You’re going to have to enlarge your “God Box” because the information that we will be covering may be hard for some to grasp, that of the subject of the Nephilim (translated into English as “giants” in Genesis 6:1-5, the satanic offspring of fallen angels). This is where fallen angels had sexual relations with the women to produce an offspring which in Hebrew are referred to as “Nephilim”.  Why is this information important?  It is important because Jesus said, “And just as it happened in the Days of Noah, so it shall be also in the days of the Son of Man” (Lk. 17:26).  This breeding program in Genesis 6 occurred in the “days of Noah”, and this is why God responded in such an intense way when He brought in the flood to destroy the inhabitants of the earth, less eight souls.  Beginning with the third century there have been conflicting interpretations concerning this subject matter. One of the main interpretations is the “Sethite” theory, which states that the “sons of God” that had relations with “daughters of men” were not fallen angels, but the godly line of Seth who had relations with daughters of the ungodly line of Cain to produce this offspring. We will address that view in the podcast.  I have included links under the “Resource” tabs that refute that claim.


I pray this podcast will help you connect the dots to the high strangeness that is occurring on our planet and in our skies.  Dig into the Word yourself, know for yourself.  For a deception is on the horizon and now is and unless you know the truth, you could be deceived, “even my elect if possible” -Jesus Christ – Matt 24:24 circa 33AD.

References and Links:

Douglass Riggs Website

Who Were The Nephilim?

The Sethite View Refuted