Episode 5 “The Vindication Of God and His Allowance of Evil” Interview with Pastor Doug Riggs Part 4

In this final interview of the four part series with Pastor Douglass Riggs, we discuss the principle of  how God will be ultimately vindicated through His allowance of evil.  We discuss the origins of evil which began with Lucifer’s rebellion against God in heaven before man was created and prior to Genesis 1:2. The theological term for God being vindicated through His sovereign permission of evil  is called “Theodicy”. Doug cites the story of Job as a biblical example of this important biblical theme. We also expose the heretical teaching that says because Job “feared” and had “unbelief” is the cause of his suffering.

We discuss North Korea, it’s occult connections and the atrocities that are occurring within its borders.  Doug also explains how in the Millennial reign of Christ, referenced in Revelation 20 , will be the final historical consummation of the vindication of God defined as Theodicy.

This is excellent discussion in understanding why God allows evil.




Theodicy – The defense of God’s goodness and omnipotence in view of the existence of evil


Paper on the “Theodicy in the Apocalypse” by  Grant R. Osborne


Entitlement – belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges


Vindication – the act of justifying or defending. Being cleared of a charge proven to be false.


North Korea and The Occult Connection Part 1 and Part 2


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Doug Interviews Naghmeh Abedini (wife of imprisoned Pastor in Iran Saeed Abedini)


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