Purpose of The Revelation Podcast

“God Is Revealing The Hidden Things For A Time Such As This.”

The Revelation Podcast is a site dedicated to explaining world events from a biblical perspective and revealing the truth about the hidden agenda that is functioning and operating, in the world today and has been for thousands of years.  The difference now is that this agenda is now coming to completion. What has been prophesied in the Holy Bible’s book of Daniel, the book of Revelations and even by Jesus himself is now coming to fulfillment.

ARE YOU READY? ARE YOU PREPARED? As a christian and minister, I know firsthand that most people are not prepared or ready for the coming deception that Jesus says in Matthew 24:23-24 would be so convincing that even God’s people could be deceived. Most are unaware of the global political system that has been pushing towards a “One World Government” since the early 1900’s, but really accelerated post World War II when Israel became an officially recognized nation on May 14, 1948.

Some of the topics to be covered on The Revelation Podcast will be centered around end times prophecy, UFO’s, and understanding Satan’s physical extension in the earth through a group of individuals called the “Illuminati”  Though these topics may sound conspiratorial or even crazy, I assure you they are not! And for those who are willing, God is revealing the hidden things to prepare His people so they will not be deceived or afraid and to ready themselves for the Second Coming of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Enjoy the upcoming interviews and teaching podcast by guests and myself. Use them to aid you in studying the scriptures and what God was trying to prepare us for in these last days. Prepare yourself for revelation by asking the Lord to open your understanding. Because with Revelation Comes Preparation.


Gilbert Myers

December 2, 2012

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